Having a relationship with a horse, is about being in the company of another living being, driven by instinct, as well as his own motivations and emotions. In parallel, the horse is also responsive to our messages (both verbal and non-verbal) and our behaviour (conscious and subconscious).


Many of the problems that exist in the human-horse relationship arise from this lack of knowledge, and sometimes ignorance, not only of the heightened sensitivities of horses, but also of the numerous messages that we communicate to him that he cannot get rid of. Although there is little or no scientific proof (yet), our thoughts, emotions and our expectations have a considerable impact on the physical and mental health of our horses.


Being able to create a living, energetic and harmonious relationship, both ourselves as well as for the horse, depends on a number of human factors:

  • Consistency between external gestures and inner emotions
  • An ability to handle our emotions
  • Mind control


These are essential for horse’s own equilibrium. A weakness in any of these three areas impacts directly on his balance, his energy, and ultimately his health.



About Equine Reliance

EQUI = Horse

RELIANCE = Relation, link

Equireliance is an approach that aims to allow us to create or re-establish a bond with the horse. It offers a reflection on the state of the relationship, its quality, possible blockages and brakes to offer areas for development and a return to balance. Indeed, the equilibrium of the horse goes through this essential long-term bonding. Reliance is the act of relating and its outcome. Sharing and exchanging the link. Today it has become more of a vital need than ever; we need forces that hold us together and connect us. We need reliance.

The horse is a force that connects us to ourselves, to the very heart of our lives!




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