Communication and well-being for a relationship in harmony with your horse

My name is Anne Thiebauld.

As a practitioner in equireliance, I specialize in the development and fulfillment of relationships between the horse and his human partner. Respect and the well-being of the horse being at the heart of my approach, I am also trained and certified in telepathic communication with animals, with Amelia Kinkade,

energy healing and in systemic equi-coaching. 


I am the author of the book: "Cheval ma force de vie", published by "Éditions du Souffle d´Or".


"The mysteries of life, the most beautiful gifts in existence often arrive on the back of a black horse"

Linda Kohanov 

mY services

around 4 areas of expertise

Animal communication

Have you ever thought of your animals as healer or guide? What will they teach you if you open up your mind to them?

Healing horses

Hands on energy healing to help your horse release deep memory and energy blockages.



Private Coaching

Individual support according to your needs to help you regain confidence in you and in your horse.


Equine reliance Academy

Monthly and thematic trainings in equine Reliance. More info soon on the site.



My professional and personal background, my approach, my meeting with Santo ... .

My path

Trained in telepathic communication with animals and in systemic equi-coaching, I offer a work of relating to oneself through personalized support with the horse.





Santo is a healing facilitator horse. He helps anyone who has suffered from  mistreatment, violence and abuse to find balance and peace of mind.




My approach

From our fears to Equireliance, my approach is based on a practice of horseback riding, listening and observation of horses as well as in-depth therapeutic work. My professional approach reflects a personal commitment to a fairer society that respects horses.


"Cheval ma Force de Vie" Anne Thiebauld


After an unfortunate event, incident or fall, many riders are afraid to get back on their horses. How to manage this emotion which can parasitize our relationship with the horse and deprive us of a real bond with our equine partner? In classical equestrian practice, fear is often denied, minimized and remains taboo. Unfortunately, some fears can be remembered for a long time and our difficulties can shake the confidence placed in our horse. 


This book aims to help you find the link with the horse by being reconciled with yourself. You will find advice, the testimony of my professional experience, avenues for reflection and tools to transform your fears and apprehensions into a chance to grow. This book is aimed at both riders of all levels and anyone who is not a rider, wishing to forge a deep, authentic bond, as humble as it is powerful, with the horse. 


Book only available in French.

Publishing house: Le Souffle d'or.



Upcoming workshops

Communiquer avec les animaux (formation pour adultes)

Les 25 et 26 mars à Overijse

Communiquer avec les animaux implique cette capacité à échanger en silence. Nous avons tous cette capacité à parler avec les animaux, de la libellule aux grands fauves, car celle-ci fait partie de notre nature. Pour la retrouver, il suffit de pratiquer. C’est ce que je vous propose lors de cet atelier de communication avec les animaux.

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Je m'épanouis avec mon cheval ( formation en ligne)

Ou comment (re)-créer l’alliance du corps et de l’esprit pour fonder une véritable harmonie avec son cheval.

Durant cette formation composée de 3 modules, nous aborderons ensemble les éléments essentiels qui composent notre relation au cheval dans leurs dimensions physiques, émotionnelles, spirituelles et énergétiques. Nous verrons ensuite les obstacles qui sabordent notre relation - auxquels nous prêtons souvent peu d’attention – et comment les traverser pour développer une relation plus fine et plus juste avec nos compagnons équins.

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Communiquer avec les animaux (formation en ligne)

Une nouvelle formation en ligne démarre le lundi 6 février

Et si vous pouviez communiquer avec votre animal ? Comprendre ce qu'il pense et ce qu'il ressent pour améliorer son bien-être, votre relation, et tisser avec lui des liens encore plus profonds ?

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The equireliance revealed from article to article

Comment amener la sérénité chez votre cheval?

Que faire quand il change soudainement d’attitude et montre du stress ou de la nervosité ?

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Contact: Anne Thiebauld


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