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I regain confidence and pleasure on horseback!

“I have fear in my stomach… fear paralyzes me… since that day, I no longer have confidence… I wonder if I am made to ride a horse… I am afraid of not being able to take care of my horse or to approach it… I practiced horsemanship for many years until this violent fall… this fear is screwed inside me… ”


I offer you tailor-made support to help you understand the meaning of your fears and regain confidence on horseback.


This support is for you if:


  • following a fall or an incident, you no longer dare to get back on your horse;
  • following an event that is not necessarily related to the horse, you feel that you have lost self-confidence;
  • you do not feel comfortable next to or on the back of a horse;
  • you want to understand more about the difficulties you experience when riding or simply in contact with horses;
  • you want to deepen your relationship with your horse;
  • you want to further explore the richness of the link to the horse.

More specifically, the support that I offer will allow you to:


  • Understand the meaning of your fears, essential in order to be able to transform your fears into knowledge and subsequently into confidence;
  • Become aware of your personal resources
  • We are often not aware of our resources and qualities and yet they are important to continue to evolve.
  • Becoming aware of this will allow you to rely on your strengths to help you regain confidence on horseback;


Identify your blockages and / or limiting beliefs


Having a better knowledge of your conscious or unconscious blockages will allow you to remove the brakes and make your relationship with your horse more fluid.


Clarify and formulate your personal goals on horseback or in the relationship you have with your equine friend.


This support paves the way for a personal transformation process that your horse will not fail to feel from the first steps taken at the horse's step.


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I offer two options to choose from:


- remotely: coaching via Skype, Zoom or similar


- on the spot: at the stables or where your horse is

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Other themes

Other themes related to equine reliance are offered to help you develop your sensitivity, the receptivity of your feelings, your ability to communicate with your horse.

I am at your disposal to talk about it together.

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Animal Communication

Have you ever thought of your animals as healer or guide? What will they teach you if you open up your mind to them?

Healing Horses

Hands on energy healing to help your horse release deep memory and energy blockages.

Equine Reliance Academy

Monthly and thematic trainings in equine Reliance. More info soon on the site.


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