Santo is a thoroughbred Lusitanian horse.

Over 20 years old, he carries with him the wisdom of the ancients and has worked for many years with people who want to rediscover their authenticity.


More concretely, during a session with him, Santo will help you to;

  • Go through your fears and apprehensions
  • Become aware of your own limiting beliefs and transform them
  • Manage your emotions (repressed anger, unresolved grief)
  • Lift your inhibitions
  • Manage your stress
  • Regain self-confidence, boost your self-esteem
  • Discover your potentialities, talents and gifts ...

The sessions take place in Bierges ( Waver area). By appointment.


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Why Horses?

Horses have proven to be excellent diagnostic tools; through their behaviour they can identify and uncover levels of dysfunction, both at an individual and at a team level. They provide direct and immediate feedback, which is one of the key features of Equine Facilitated Learning, or Coaching with Horses. Any inner change, be it linked to attitude or awareness, either in an individual or in a group, triggers reaction in a horse.


Interacting with horses can create a heightened awareness within the individual, unleashing human potential, building emotional intelligence or developing a greater self-awareness.

The role of the coach is very important when working with horses; the coach creates the appropriate environment within which the individual can access new levels of consciousness.


Horses bring new and enhancing dimensions to coaching; interacting with horses can help us with self-control, whilst also instigating a greater awareness of our own strengths and abilities.

Horses promote and encourage means of communication other than the spoken word. They are particularly open and emotionally receptive to their handler’s feelings. Working with them can reveal new avenues into relationship and development therapy.


In effect, a horse can mirror our emotions, helping us to identify and come to terms with our own dis-harmony in a non-confrontational or threatening environment. Equally, their sensitivity can inspire and drive us to dig deep and re-discover our innate skills to cope, and to get better.


In a nutshell; horses are healers.


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Le cheval ce thérapeute
Article paru dans l'Equimag, octobre 2018
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